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Daybreak Over Appalachia ebook

Daybreak Over Appalachia ebook

Daybreak Over Appalachia. Don R Watts

Daybreak Over Appalachia
Author: Don R Watts
Page Count: 254 pages
Published Date: 22 Aug 2012
Publisher: Xulon Press
Publication Country: United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781622305841
File size: 33 Mb
File Name: Daybreak.Over.Appalachia.pdf
Download Link: Daybreak Over Appalachia

It was Saturday, May 7, 1921, and Harness was guiding Roxie, his horse, through the gap in the mountains to her home. Little did he know, lurking ahead were killers waiting for the chance to release their deadly venomous revenge on both horse and rider. This unfortunate event took place in a community populated with quaint churches, schools, businesses and moonshine. Appalachia was a place where families had come to satisfy their hunger for freedom and flee from oppression. The area had always been home to the tired, poor and huddled masses that yearned to be free. In the final pages, Pap closes his eyes to a better day and Martin never quite realizes his dreams fulfilled. This novel highlights Appalachia's beauty and culture that makes the area unique. It underscores God's love while dealing with a cold calculated murder. You will learn to love these personalities and their challenges. They were extraordinary, even by today's terms. You will laugh, cry, sing and pray with them as they make their way through early Appalachia. Don R. Watts is a graduate of Marshall University and the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. He is a retired public school teacher, has worked as a Master Electrician and has pastored numerous small churches. Don's many life experiences, travels and his love of Americana make Daybreak Over Appalachia come to life. He is a native of Appalachia and understands its people and land. As you read this book, take time to enjoy the culture, beauty and mystery and discover what remains of the former years. The author can be reached at

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